Drive won't open

I have a Liteon 9016G combo recorder and I can’t get my dvd drive to open.I have lost my manual,anyone know how to get it to open & where can I get a manual & what could be causing it.The last few times I used it I have had this trouble but always opened evetually.PLEASE HELP !!!1
Thanks Anna

hello, I’ve recently bought a used ilo-r04. The dvd tray didn’t open either, bought it for $5.00. Got home and took the cover off and cleaned the eject drive belt and pulleys with rubbing alcohol. Greased some of the mechnism and the tray works just fine. Hope it’ll help you.

Hi !!! PLEASE HELP ME !!! My LTC-48161h read any CD and any DVD, but when I need to burn… IT BURNS ONLY CD AND DONT RECOGNOIZE DVD FOR BURNING… PLEASE HELP ME