Drive with good DVD error correction?


I still have an old Sony DRU-500A. But it fails to read DVD-RW discs it burnt (some are already years old). I found this hint, that it should have never burnt 4x DVD-RW, but it did. I’m sure they worked once, as I normally verify the burnt DVDs, and am absolutely sure, that I read some of these DVDs some months ago.

As I want to replace this burner anyhow by a SATA one, I just want to know, which drive has the best chances to read those old discs, that may have been written badly, i.e. with inadequate firmware write settings. I found recommendations for LiteOns 22x and Samsung 22x with patched firmware, but am not sure, if those opinions are based on ripping speed, scanning ability or error correction. I am mostly interested in the latter part, as the topic already says. :wink:

Besides reading those old discs, I am mostly interested in backing up video DVDs, so good ripping would be nice. I don’t care much about burning speed, but would be interested in good burns for DL with at least one widely available DVD type (even better if those are available as printable and/or Lightscribe ones, too).

Bitsetting is no must-have, but nice, the same is true for scanning abilities.

Accurate CD-ripping would be also a nice feature, because I tend to throw out of my computer SCSI card and TEAC CD-32S, that I use for this purpose until now. I think that means C1/C2 error correction, but am not quite sure, if this is still a correct piece of information nowadays.

Thanks for your help in advance! :slight_smile:

Samsungs and Lite-Ons are good rippers and readers, meaning they rip fast, and can read disks that other drives can’t. You should heed the original recommendations you received.

I don’t know about that! I have some NEC/Optiarc/BenQ that read Factory Press Disc better than Some of my LiteOns. This is an rare occurance mind you.

Burn On,

I recently tried to rescue one of my DVDs that had a big scratch, and I used IsoBuster in Managed Image mode with multiple drives, including BenQ, Pioneer, Optiarc, Plextor and LiteOn drives.

The drives that were able to read the most damaged sectors were my three LiteOn drives (1635S, 165P6S and 20A1P).

In the past I’ve had to read some badly burned DVDs and again my LiteOn drives were better than my other drives, except when reading DVDs with bad relinking.

So there might be better drives than LiteOn DVD burners for reading damaged DVDs, but they are among the best drives.

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