Drive will read CD Disks but will not read DVD Disks


I have read for the past couple of hours on this subject but i cant find what im looking for. I had a ‘BENQ DVD DC DQ60’ DVD Drive in this computer and it was not reading any DVD’s so i uninstalled the Burning Software(Nero) Using the Nero Remover tool from their Website, deleted some registry entries, installed divX movie player(For some sort of movie player other than WMP) and still nothing, just replaced the drive with a ‘LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-5235K’ DVD Drive and it still will only read CD’s No DVD’s

I’ve tried deleting drivers and reinstalling them, Still no success, Tried deleting the IDE Channel and reinstalling, Still no success. Well idk what else to try. So thanks for your help

Are these dvd-video disks that are not playing? Or will the drive/s not read any type of dvd at all, like data or games?

You don’t mention which operating system you are using, but Windows XP does not come with a built-in dvd decoder. You have to use third party software for that. Nero ShowTime should work to play dvds, but I have never liked that media player.

Try VLC and see if it can play dvd movies for you. It is self contained and does not rely on outside codecs.