Drive will not play some blu-ray disc

just purchased a LG WH08LS20,totalmedia theatre 3,dvdfab blu-ray to blu-ray so I think my software is good .(But the Drive will not play some blu-ray disc) there is so much info on this site my head is spinning.could someone point me in the right direction.

What is the up to date firmware
what tool do I use
where do I get them

The disks that don’t play, are they commercially made, or are they ones that you have backed up onto recordable disks?

There doesn’t seem to be a listing for the drive at the LG support site. It may be too new for a firmware update at this point. Normally you could find it here:

If you look at this page, you’ll see others complaining about a lack of firmware updates for this drive:

I have a new commercially made Transformer revenge of the fallen and it will not play ,but it will play in my BD P1600

If it plays some commercially made Blu Ray movies, but not this new one, you might need to update your software. New BD+ protection schemes require this periodically. The version of TotalMediaTheatre 3 that I am using is

I have also .I tried using BH08 2.00 firmware but the update didn’t see my drive .I see some people got around this ,but is that safe for my drive it’s only a day old.

I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the firmware you are using. Firmware would affect burning capabilities rather than playback.

Not sure what is causing the problem with this one movie for you. You can post a complaint in the TMT forum: