I need some advice on which drives are decent.

Currently I have a Samsung SH-S203N that I bought without researching into drives.

I require a drive that will burn media to a high quality. I also would like a reliable drive for media scanning.

From what I have read various Plextor and Liteon drives are best suited for scanning. Pioneer for burning dvd.

My preferred media is TY02 at present.

Is the LG GGW-H20L a reliable scanning drive or not?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. My budget is £180 max if I am to consider incorporating the purchase of a LG GGW-H2OL.

Hi and Welcome!

Plextor doesn’t make their own drives any more, they just sell hardware from other manufacturers under their brand.
Since you need a scanner and a burner, I would suggest a Liteon for scanning and a Pioneer for burning.

I have no idea about the scanning capabilities of the LG you mentioned. LG DVD writers can’t scan at all, but this BluRay unit might be different.


I have the same Samsung drive, and feel it’s a quality burner. I mainly use TYG03 and Verbatim MCC004.

But if you’re bent on replacing the Sammy, I’d get a Pioneer 115(D) (IDE) or 215(D) (SATA) (available at last time I looked, that’s where I got my 115D).

Plus LiteOn drive to go with it for quality scanning.

WoW, Prompt replies on this forum. Thankyou. As yet i have no issues with my Samsung therefore replacing it may deem wastful. That could also be said for investing in a blue ray burner.

The Liteon drive was mentioned in regards to scanning. Is any particular Liteon model more suited for scanning?

I tend to buy components from Overclockersuk even though, to my discust, they censor as they choose their own forum… tut. tut…
Not tried SVP, I have heard issues regarding their stock etc. Just had superb service from disc’sarrived the following day. Happy Days !

You may be pleasantly surprised by SVP - I’ve ordered media, drives, even two Dells from them without problems :wink:

So maybe just grabbing a Litey to go with your Sammy might be an idea…with an eye to upgrade later on for the Sammy :wink:

I’m not really up to speed on the latest LiteOn models, but all should be good scanners. The latest one I have is an LH-20A1H, but there are way newer models out now - try having a look at our LiteOn forum for more info :slight_smile: