Drive unable to read bootable disc



I have an NEC 3540A that will not read on bootup any of my bootable discs. I get a disk boot failure error message from Windows XP Pro. The same disc read fine on boot up from my laptop. I have defaulted the Bios settings but it will still not read any bootable disc. The drive burns disc fine.HELP


Can discs be read after bootup, and are these problem discs -R media? Quite a few NEC 35xx users have had problems reading -R after burning including my 3520A. Curiously -R discs not read when booted normally will read when boot to safe mode in Win2k and read fine in Win98SE dual boot on same systems. This same phenomenon was posted by another user in another thread. Try some +R discs if your problems are with -R discs.


Yes they can be read after boot up. Are Windows dvd/cd’s -R? …I dont have +R disc but I will get hold of some. Strange thing tho, I was able to get hold of another optical drive and it too failed on boot up. Is there anything in my MB bios that would prevent the optical drive from reading a disc???


Do you have the boot DVD drive selected as first boot device in BIOS? That must be done, else the system will boot to hard drive if it’s listed before DVD drive in BIOS. You don’t seem to have the -R read problem of some drives since they do read after boot.


Ya I have burned many -R dvd’s and never have had a problem. And yes I chose the start up order thru the bios as well as using the ESC key for Easy Boot up option on my mb…dang the other issue is my HDD is SATAII and I cant move it to another system since it cannot read SATA drives…now I have to figure out how to reformat this drive w/o a optical drive! Dont ask how I got to this point :doh:



Another option would to to boot to a Win98 startup disk, choose boot with CDROM support, change drive to your DVD drive, run setup and format during setup, i.e. if you have a floppy drive.


I may try that route. I was able to load up WinXP from a CD from a CDROM player. When I try the same cd in my DVD player, I get the bootable error message. I have a Vista DVD that I want to load so your option may work…thxs


I suspected it was the drive because on boot up the bios never acknowleged the drive even tho it always worked after boot up. I changed the jumper from master to cable select and Im back in business…and now on boot up I see the drive :slight_smile:



All right :clap: High 5 :cool:


Do you have this drive designate as first booting device in your Motherboard bios?