Drive Tray Issue With My Philips DVDR16LSK/00

Hi All,

Firstly to say hi to you all, my first time posting here. :bow:

I am quite puzzled to be honest as I hadn’t used my Philips DVDR16LSK/00 for a good few months since the last time and a few days ago, I created a project to burn off in Nero and low and behold my drive tray just doesn’t fire up.

The blue light comes on the front of the drive for a brief 2nd at boot up but whenever I press eject from the front of the drive or select eject from within the drive properties of my computer (Right Click) there is absolutely no movement whatsoever.

When I insert the paper clip into the minute hole in the front of the drive, there again is no motion to the drive tray popping out of it’s own accord but if I extend the drive fully out, at times the main bigger width blue light does come on but doesn’t shut the tray under it’s own steam at all! :sad:

I have un installed Nero and freshly installed it, I have uni9nstalled the drive from within Hardware > Device Manager, I have also updated the FW to the latest there is available and along with the Philips Intelliganet 2.0 but still doesn’t want to work.

Can somebody please tell me if this is a common occurance with DVD-RW drives of any make, it has only been used to burn in the 2yrs I have had it about 25 times maximum and I am just puzzled how it was working a few months ago when last burnt a disc but now nothing.

If it seems to any of you more experienced people that I have tried everything there is to try and the drive is goosed, then I have been looking for a replacement, again I would like the Lightscribe function and over here in the UK the one I have picked out at present is the:

LiteOn LH-20A1H-11C 20x DVD±RW-RAM DL Lightscribe IDE Int Black

It is only a few pence more for the 20x than some of the 18x and from what little I know about the intricate workings of DVDRW drives, the 20x will give ever so slightly better results than the 18x?

I am limited to budget as well, as this has come as a shock having to replace the Philips if this turns out to be necessary and hence my budget is pretty much at the price of drive I mention above with the LiteOn LH-20A1H-11C.

Thanks for reading to all and I look forward to your replies.


P.S. Is it worth paying an extra Ă‚ÂŁ5 or so to get a retail boxed drive that comes with Nero included or just pay the Ă‚ÂŁ20.44 for the Bare Drive and use my ahem Copy of Nero 7 I have to hand? :bigsmile:

Sorry people but need to bump this…

While on another thread I asked a Q to a member while I was at it about the above issue and this drive’s FW been upgraded to the latest official Philips 2.0 but I am trying to see if I can backwards step to what I now know is FW version 1.8 according to the label on the drive itself. I was told you can backwards step and I may aswell just try this on the off chance that this resolves the drive tray issue.

Just have to find the 1.8 version now which I hope will still be available on the Philips website. Will keep the thread updated if it yields any results, if you don’t hear from me it just means I am out in the garden taking a 20lb sledge hammer to it to give it a lesson or two in breaking on me for no good reason LOL!