Drive to drive dvd record software

Well I’ve been looking for software that can burn dvd’s (I burn mostly movies and data dvds) from a dvd-rom to my dvd burner (a pioneer dvr-108) without putting any temporary files on my pc even if it deletes it afterwards. If theres software that does this but not burning from drive to drive that would be great as well. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

ONES is looking a good program… 60 Day trial. See the thread “Prassi is back”

ONES doesnt do the job let me tell you want software im looking for:

  1. Software that burns dvd to dvd with out putting any temp files on my drive even if its going to delete it afterwards,dvd-rom to dvd recorder(on-the-fly recording, disc-at-once I think what you call it).

  2. And can split dvd-9 discs to 2 dvd-5’s and good compression to one dvd-5.

  3. If it can burn css-encrypted dvd discs though this is not really needed.

Does anyone know of any software like this please help me out,Thanks.

You gunna need a few programs to do that then…

on the fly copying, take your pick. Nero, ONES, Recordnow etc
Dvd9 to 2x dvd5? Nero recode i think shrinks but not about splitting to 2 discs.
Encrypted dvds not an option with standard burners. Dvd decrypt em first.