Drive that will not go away!

I hope someone can help. I had Alcohol installed a while back, I can’t even remember what I was using it for but I uninstalled it as I wasn’t using it any more but the virtual drive did not disappear even though nothing was mounted at the time. Its not been bothering me so I left it there, only now I need to install daemon tools to play a certain game and it won’t even install because of the drive that’s still there.

I tried reinstalling alcohol but can’t find a way to get rid of it. I’m useless when it comes to editing the registry so I don’t wanna go there without specific instructions lol. But can anyone help? I just want rid of this damn drive so I can install daemon tools. I’ve tried reading other threads on this but I’m getting more and more confused.

What version did you have installed as removal instructions will differ if it is a fairly old one?