Drive test not working

Does anyone know why I get no results with Nero, Kprobe or DVDInfoPro?

I have a HP 740i

Kprobe and DVDInfoPro dont return any PI or PO results. I cant even get the tests to run on Kprobe. It spins the drive up and the stops and show that it tested a range of 0-00:02:00. This is in auto mode. DVDInfo just doesn’t run the test. I hit start and it just sits there.

Nero just shows the MAX for PI and the speed, however I’ve noticed that the drive light is only on while the drive is spinning up and then goes out. The test runs without the drive light on.

Any help would be great!!! :bow: :bow:


Kprobe only supports liteon Drives (and perhaps a few oddballs from other manufacturers).

Your drive & firmware must support PI/PIF reporting to allow Nero CDspeed or DVDInfopro to scan for these errors. If cdspeed is not working you can:

  1. Download new firmware for your drive (most likely culprit).
  2. Download the latest version of CDspeed (most unlikely).
  3. Download the atest version of DVDinfopro.