Drive Swapping with a Microboards Tower

I have three Microboards 1 to 10 Copywriter tower that run (10) Plextor 716a drives each. Several of the drives stopped working over the past year and a half or so, after the towers were no longer covered by warranty. I ended up taking drives from one tower and using them to fix the other two. Now I have 7 dead drives, and 3 working drives.

My question is, is it possible to put a different brand/model drive in this tower and run it, or will the tower’s firmware only control 716a drives?

I can’t seem to find anywhere to have these drives refurbished, and the cost of replacing these drives is high enough that I’d be better off buying a brand new tower.

Same problem here. We ended up buying a new tower. At least the original lasted over 3 years for us.