Drive stops writing DVD+R readable in my standalone




I’ve come upon with this strangest problem.

Recently I purchased some OPTODISC OR8 DVD+Rs to check if they work well with my LITEON SOHW-1633S. I burned one of these disks using ledfixed BS41 firmware and the results were great. After that I flashed my drive to ledfixed CSTJ and cleaned the EEPROM but didn’t get as good a result from KProbe. The disk was well readble, though. On CSTJ the writing speed for this media was only 4x, whereas with BS41 it was 8x and still it was one of by best KProbe scans. So I flashed the drive back to BS41 and restored my backed-up EEPROM. As a result I got two OPTODISC OR8s which played great in my standalone DVD-player.

Encouraged from these results I ordered a 50 disk spindle of these disks. But after this, not a single DVD+R disk I’ve been writing with my Liteon will play on my Sansui DV-X2100 standalone. First I thought it was a problem with bitsetting, but the first two disks I burned have a DVD+R booktype and still play fine. When I now burn DVD+Rs and try them in my standalone, with booktype set to DVD+R the player just spins the disks for a long time and then reports no disc, still continuing to spind the disks. If I change the booktype to DVD-ROM, the player spins the disks for a long time and then reports incorrect disk format. I’ve tried some VDSPMSAB001 disks too, and the same problem happens with them. All the disks I’ve burned give decent KProbe scans and work fine with my Liteon, but not with my standalone.

If I use DVD+RWs, they play fine whether I set the booktype to DVD-ROM or to DVD+R. DVD-R disks I burn play fine too.

I’ve tried different burning speeds (4x, 6x, 8x) and both firmwares that worked with the first two disks (BS41, CSTJ). Can the problem be caused because of the firmware changes? I’ve also tried resetting leart media data, I’ve tried to burn the disks with both booktypes (DVD+R, DVD-ROM) and I’ve tried both Nero and DVD Decrypter to burn. No success. I find it quite diffucult to believe that all the disks I’ve tried are inferior to the first two from the same batch, and the problem appears with those VDSPMSAB disks too. I dont’t have empty DVD+Rs from other manufacturers to check, though.

So has anybody experienced this problem? Or could someone give some fine advice what to try next. I’m quite frustrated ending every try with another disk refusing to play in my standalone :frowning:


@ Apologi
Welcome:). Nice first post…I bet you’re a long-time lurker :wink: .
That’s too bad you are having a tough time with this media after a few sucesses. You did all the right things(except maybe flashing from BS41 after getting good results :confused: ) with the burn speeds, the reset eeprom, different burn programs. I really can’t say for sure whether flashing around caused this or not, but I would think it did not. Your experiences with DVD+RW stuff seems to validate my next statement.
My guess would be that you did get a bad or inconsistent batch od OR8s. The VDSPMSAB001 is just plain bad. This is why it is best to spend a little extra and save yourself some headaches and get media that is consistently good like RICOHJPN R01…and they are not hugely expensive :cool:
So, my humble advice would be to get some better media(a shame that Liteons need this kind of care…) and save the burnt discs and try them in other players or save them for a time when players will read ALL discs(I have a separate case full of those kinds of discs…I can always toss them out if that never happens). Save the unused OR8’s and VDSPMSAB001 for better firmware or a better burner…maybe you have a friend with a burner who can give them a try.