Drive stopped reading disks I write (NEC ND-3550A)

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-3550A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have used this NEC 3550A fro a long time with no problems (on XP SP2 32 bits), then suddenly it stopped reading the CD and DVDs I write. It still reads commercial DVD fines. And the CDs and DVD I write can be read fine in other systems.

First to check if the drive was at fault, I installed it in another PC, and it works fine there, so the drive is not bad and media is not in question.

Then I installed another drive from another PC (that worked fine there), once installed in my PC it shows the same problem (wont read any of the CD/DVD I wrote). So problem is not with a bad driver.

I replaced the IDE cable, same thing

I Switched from IDE controller 1 to IDE controller 2, same thing.

So the fault seems to definitely be in my system and software related.

Researching the Web, I created a new user account and tried from there, same problem.

I started in Safe mode and tried from there, same problem (even worse, it would not even read commercial DVD in safe mode)

I found a utility called Autofix from Microsoft that repairs autorun problems. I ran it, and it did find a problem with Autoplay V2 Event when I recreated the rpoblem, but could not fix it.

I am at a lost for what could have gone wrong in my system that prevents any drive to read home burnt DVDs and CDs, but let them burn normally, and play commercial DVDs.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

One more development.

I shared my DVD drive of the network, and tried to read DVD content from another PC on my network, and that worked.

So I went back on my machine, and opened workgroup computer, selected my PC, and tried opening the DVD drive from there and it works!

So basically XP Does not let me open DVDs/CDs from MyComputer, but lets me do it from a network share (on the same machine).

Any Idea on what can be corrupted in XP to explain that behavior is welcome.

Are unreadable discs on -R media? If so, problem may be the one detailed at