Drive spins up... and never seems to spin down. Help

I’m very frustrated with my LG GSA-H62L. I’ve been super busy since I btought this drive a few months ago and hadn’t had the time to game with it properly. Now I’m trying to play games, but when “any” game strarts the drive is accessed and if a CD is in there it spins up. It sounds like it’s as loud as a jet engine, and worse it never slows back down again. Seems like I have to take the CD/DVD out to get it to stop spinning. Is there anything I can do to change this behavior? I don’t remember this happening with my Pioneer DVD writer.

Thanks for the help!


I’ve reposted this in relevant threads where I’d asked…

As I searched the Internet for others having the same problem, it brought be back to the cd.freaks site. And amazingly… both issues are solved!!! Yea!

The problem is Creative Labs stupid software. It is the Entertainment Center Settings trying to set the DVD drive to a remote control receiver. I spent several hours going through all the programs in the Creative Speaker icon (in the system tray) that pops up all the Creative programs. Not a single one had any options for it. I then went through control panel, and once again… no settings for it. I went through device manager, audio settings… nothing!

Then, after almost admitting defeat I decided to look in he most obvious place of all: the start menu.

Start > All Programs > Creative > Creative Entertainment Center > [I]“Entertinment Center Settings”[/I] Uncheck the remote control button. Never even knew that was in there since I don’t have a front panel nor a remote control. Creative Labs - you suck for having that [I]enabled[/I] by default.

Without this forum I would have NEVER found that. Thanks!