Drive speed control



Hellow everyone. Without all that useless stuff i should say in my first post i’ll just get to my problem:

How can i control the motor of my cd drive? Is there any software written to do exactly that? You see, i need to use the motor to do something other than spin the cd and since the motor itself isn’t all that simple i figured i’d leave the controling job to the controller. Is it possible to fool the device into thinking for example that it has allways a cd in it and to just make it read fast by means of some program without really getting any values or do you have to replace the firmware or maybe there’s some other option? The drive would stay connected. I think this post belongs in the hardware section but since i’m kinda looking for software and the hardware section is for experts i placed it here. If the moderators find it misplaced - please move it ;] I’ve done the searching, if i missed something - a link to the thread would be nice. Thank you.