Drive softwear wrong

I have a gdr 8163b dvd drive and I was having trouble with it recognising dvd r discs, I have just found that it has been installed with the softwear for gsa 4120b drive.?would this be the cause of the problem if so where would I get the softwear for the 8163b, and if it is not the problem, what is? please help.!

The drivers come with the OS, no additional software necessary except for DVD-RAM capabilities.

Use Devicemanager to remove the drive, use re-detecting then.

Yeah, no SW driver is required if you use your DVD Drive in Windows! However it would be different matter IF your DVD Drive has been installed with DIFFERENT Firmware either by mistake, In this case it should have worked though.

Never heard of the possiblity to apply a 4120 (burner) firmware on a 8163 (reader)…

OK, please use Discinfo and post the output here.