Drive replacement



[qanda]This thread is about the Liteon HD-A740GX. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi All

I need to replace the disk drive unit for my Liteon HD-A740GX dvd recorder but i am having trouble finding out exactly which drives would do.

The disk drive problem seems a common thing for this model but i just cant seem to find a simple solution to the problem. I have tried searching numerous threads in the forum but to no avail.

My warranty has expired and i contacted Liteon directly and offered to buy a replacement drive unit but they were unwilling to do this - very strange !!?

I have several important dvd recordings on the hard disk drive which i need to transfer to dvd.

Please can anyone tell me EXACTLY what replacement drive units would work in this model. If need be i would buy an external unit and link up via a longer ribbon cable but again which units are compatible.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



Would a Liteon DH-20A1P internal IDE drive do as a replacement ?

I have seen some on eBay for around £20 ?



The Liteon DH-20A1P will work but will have the freeze on fast forward problem LiteOn models past 1693 do. Choose one from or a Benq DW1620 which isn’t on the list. Remember to set drive jumper to master, do any firmware updates by connecting to computer and set region by playing a DVD while connected to computer before installing in the recorder. The Sony DRU-190A may be easier to find since most others are older, harder to find models. This Sony and the Sony DRU-120 A don’t have the freeze on fast forward issue