Drive replacement for Dell Inspiron 6000

Are there adapters to allow use of SATA laptop hard drive in a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, or must replacement drive be a PATA drive? I’ve never replaced a laptop hard drive before, but the SATA drives are priced lower with greater capacity than PATA drives.

Hey man hows it going? Now Im not sure you will have enough room in your Laptop but if you cna sqeeze it this might work. I used the opposite to transfer files from a old Pata drive to my SATA Desktop and its works perfect. But being a laptop space might be an issue. Have you thought about going PATA for booting (internal) and using a external Drive? Heres the link hope it helps

That adapter appears to be for 3.5" PATA connection and won’t work for PATA laptop connection because laptop drives are 2.5" with smaller connecting cables I’d suspect.