Drive region problem help apreciated

just woundering if some one could help me, my drive is from region 2 but i put dvd from region 1 now my drive wouldnt change it back to region 2, can i format the computer or do i have to buy another drive??? help apreciated thanks :sad:

Formatting the computer wouldnt help, as the region settings are stored in the drive itself. Maybe theres an RPC-1 firmware available for your drive. What is your drive model ?

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yes, as [B]molnart[/B] said, there [B]may[/B] be a region free firmware for your optical drive.

you only have 5 changes of a region on your drives and it locks to the last one that you choose to use, you must have got a warning about this?

but as said, if you give the make and model number of the drive, folk here will see if theres an available firmware for you.

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i have a Asus DRW-1814BLT, and i didnt had 5 chances i had like 3 but i didnt no that had a limit that a stupid thing put limits on dvd region but cant do nothing

whats the firmwave going to do???

Just please use SEARCH. :wink:

doesn’t look as iof theres a RPC-1 firmware

you have to buy another drive, one that can be made region free :wink:

Just use AnyDVD.