Drive recommendation for reading old CDs/DVDs

I have quite a few old family VCDs and DVDs which I would like to rip and save.
I bought an external Rioddas DVD drive but it is unable to read several of the VCDs.

What is the best drive I can buy for reading troublesome CDs and DVDs?

I bought two Pioneer (internal PC) optical format burners new years ago. BDR-206 & BDR-209 that are old but still work like new. The 206 doesn’t do anything to write speeds. Both can read some pretty flaky disks. Check ebay.

Thanks for the response.

Any other recommendations?

The problem might be the optical drive.
It also can be the OS.
Even more so if Windows 10.
I have even ran into some DVDs that were from a standalone player/recorder burn that Windows 7 or Vista couldn’t even view in Windows Explorer.
Windows XP could.
I would get ISOBuster .
It used to have a trial version & probably still does.
See if it can view & maybe rip your VCDs & DVDs.
Other than that you may need to borrow an old computer with an old OS & drives.
If you can.

As COT mentioned, ISOBUSTER should help.
This link also has the answers as well:

Since DVD/Bluray drives have been out to the public & available, I have NEVER had ANY of them refuse to read CDs or VCD/SVCD. Could be that you have a broken optical drive as well.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

I have bought a license to IsoBuster.
Looks like my issue is flaky old discs.

I have a bought a LG external DVD r/w drive also. If this does not work out I will buy an internal Pioneer drive on ebay.

IsoBuster linked me to an article that mentioned using Brasso is a very popular way to restore some flaky discs! Will try that also shortly.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions.

There are a couple of other things that might help.
External enclosures have different chips that connect to the optical drive & then the USB to the computer…Some chips don’t work with all disks or the methods or writing to a certain type disk or certain formats.
That could be the problem with the enclosures you have your optical drive in.

The second is the codes on very old disks.
A new or newer drive may not recognize the very old disk at all.

You may have to go used enclosures & optical drives from ebay.
It may take a few to find a set that works.

I would stay away from SYBA enclosures.
Vantec Nexstar has been good for me but I don’t have any VCDs to test with.
It has a SATA BD drive in it so might not read the old CD with the VCD written to it.

I would try to get an old IDE drive & enclosure for that.

Last if the VCDs are just movies the quality will look poor an a wide screen TV.
If they are personal family videos they are probably worth the extra effort.