Drive recommendation based on media

Hopefully someone can help me…

I need to purchase a drive that is (hopefully) able to burn the following media well (this is what I have):

Optodisc R16

I know these aren’t the greatest quality media but some of the CMC is Litescribe media (HP branded) which I need burned very well because I am using them to burn family wedding videos. I’ve had good luck in the past using CMC media on an NEC burner so I’m hoping that kind of result is still possible…

Also, I already have a Lite-on 165H6S which I’m not overly happy with and a Pioneer 110D. See scan below for why I’m not too happy with the Lite-on… this is one of the wedding videos and while I’m not expecting perfection, I was hoping for better than this… any advice out there? Thanks!

I neglected to mention a few things…

  1. I’m using a Mac, so I can only install 1 drive (could use an enclosure, but my desk is rather samll so I’d prefer not to)

  2. CD burning quality is also important.

Traditionally NEC drives seem to get along pretty well with CMC Mag. Optodisc is quite variable so it’s really difficult to say. MCC004 on the other hand (provided that it is authentic) is excllent media that should burn well with just about any drive.

Well, this project I’m doing right now suddenly became very urgent (ie, my aunt is all up in arms because it’s not done) so I went to Fry’s and ended up with a Plextor PX-760a and an external enclosure. The enclosure did not work well at all so now I’ve decided that it’s time to sell the Mac and I revived my PC. So now I have: Plextor PX-760A and Plexwriter Premium, and Lite-on 165H6S and SOHW-1653s. Plus I can scan discs again and use the copy of Plextools XL I bought awhile back. I love OSX but Apple is severely limiting themselves by not allowing more drives in their boxes (somewhat dealt with on the new MacPros).

111/110/109 does fine with CMC +R

Thanks! On my scale though, -R is the most important, since those are the ones I’m doing for other people. Between the three DVD burners I have in the system now, I think I’ve got it covered…