Drive recognised as CD writer only

I know this has been a continual problem I heve read about on quite a few threads and although it has been mentioned I have not seen any conclusive answer where-ever I have looked either on one of the OEM websites for this product or CDfreaks, DVD help or firmwear updates among other sites even though I have looked (a lot).
The problem is my PikaOne alias BTC, Microadvantage DVDRW IDE1004 is only recognised as a CD writer.
After buying the writer is seemed to be working and recognised DVD’s although at the time I never really used it. I also had an old Ricoh DVD RW+ and only RW+ disks were being used so it sat in its drive bay and was only really used for playback of DVD’s.
After a overhall of my system I built a new sys with a PC chips M848A rev 2.1 Motherboard (it has USB 2 & Lan onboard), formated a newish HD with win 98 & popped a AMD 2200+ processor in, along with that the DVDRW IDE1004 & a Pioneer DVD114 DVD reader.
I now have the problem that the Top G (IDE1004’s manufacturer) drive is only recognised as a CD writer. Nero info tool and DVDINfo Pro both recognise the writer as a DVD r/rw +/- but DVDinfo pro does not show the disk as ready or recognised if a DVD -R or +RW is inserted. If a CD-r is inserted info is shown (memorex 52X). +RW are Mr DVD by strand and Imation, -R’s are bulkpac generation 4
I have tried the drive as both master & slave on both IDE channels using 40 & 80 strand cable with the Hard drive on the other channel. I have upgraded my fw from 40 to the latest fw 49. I have used drivecleaner to remove my nvider ide drivers and still It wont recognise the drive.
I am convinced it is something to do with the IDE drivers as the only hope I have come across is at the point when I removed the original win98 drive and put on from another machine a HD with Xp on. As it booted up I entered DVDInfo pro and looked if it was recognising the dvd disk I had left in the drive. At the time xp was checking and installing drivers before all the drivers were loaded DVDInfo brought up the Media contents but after all the drivers were loaded it then failed to recognise the drive as Win 98 had done. Anyway to cut this explaination short has anyone got any ideas or is this drive going out the window. Thanks in advance