Drive reads audio, but has problems with data (i.e. games)

Hi, I’m new to the forums and I’ve been having a problem with my CDW/DVD drive for some time now. It reads all audio disks but only some disks with media such as games IE: Sims 2. I had just bought a game which comes with 5 media disks but it only reads a few of them and does not always read them. I was thinking I need a new firmware update? Here’s my specs.

Driver date: 7/1/2001
Version: 5.1.2535.0
Digital Signer: Ms Windows Publisher

I have tried using SFDNWIN but it says I need to manually install the drivers off the website. I found a multiple of TS-H492A but after trying every patch it says “That firmware does not support this disc drive”
If you can help me in any way tips, etc. or even a firmware link I would be very grateful. If any more information is needed tell me how to find it and ill post it asap.


The laser lens is probably either dirty or is dying a slow death. I doubt that a firmware upgrade will help you but it’s always worth a try before you go out and spend money on a new drive. They’re cheap these days so it’s no biggy.

Also, your drive cannot write DVD’s - it can only read them, correct? (It can only write CD’s.)
Forget about ‘drivers’ - they are built into Windows. I have never seen a CD\DVD drive needing any other drivers to work in Windows. The driver info in your post is the native CD\DVD driver provided by Microsoft. It has nothing to do with firmware.

To upgrade your firmware…
First, you will need to run this program to determine the exact model of your drive.
Go here to get it… It’s called ‘Wininquiry’ for Samsung/Toshiba drives.

Next, when you have the required info, go here to download the latest firmware update for your drive.

For example, if the Wininquiry program indicates you have a “COM” version, then you should download firmware version ‘TB08’ for your drive. You also need the flash utility program called sfdnwin.exe. You need to run the flash utility with the correct firmware (*.bin) to update your drive.

If the above fails, your drive may not be capable of firmware updating.