Drive reads all cds as blanks

As of yesterday, the drive was working fine. Today, autoplay failed to run, so I went to My Computer and attempted to explore the drive. When I did this, a “Prepare Blank Media” dialog popped up. I tried again with multiple other cds, all had the same problem. Dvds are not even recognized by the drive.

I’m currently running an HP Pavilion d6208 laptop with Vista SP1. Drive is an Optiarc 7530A. The computer is about a year and a half old.

What I’ve tried so far:
Uninstalling and reinstalling the drive from Device Manager: No change.
Removing the upper and lower filters from the registry: No change.
Removing the drive physically from the computer, cleaning the connections, and reinserting: No change.

Restarting with CD in the drive: No autoplay, but I can access the cd, and can even change cds. Still cannot bring up or play dvds.

Any advice would be appreciated.