Drive Problems?



I have just got a new media player.
(It’s an external with a built in 3.5 IDE)
It came up with an error unable to write delay or something then says this file will now have data loss.
I was trying to stop the device but was in use so i just ran out of patience and yanked out the USB.
Have been worried in case i caused damage to it or the files on it so havecopied files to and from it and have got no errors.
Has sitll passed diagnostic tests only quick ones tho havnt tested the full ones yet.
Used ontrack for it.
It’s a Freecom Media Player.
If i have messed up the drive whilst it was wroiting to it would it have caused physical damage to the drive?
If it did would i need to buy a whole new media player or would i need to:
A: Reformat?
B: Take out the corrupted IDE in external case and replace with another IDE?

Is there any way of finding out if i have corrupted the drive in any way physical or in any other way than physical?



C’mon fellas ya leavin me out here, hehe.
Anyone please know what the prob is?

Cheers, sorry 4 the hassle…juss i wanna go bed…


If i yank the USB out while a drive is write caching can this screw anything up?


Hey Jason. Yes it can mess things up. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you did mess anything up. You didn’t say if this was a hard drive or an optical drive. If it’s a hard drive, just run scandisk to check for errors or problems. If it passes that, it should be fine. If optical, should be no harm, no foul. You should always use ctl/alt/delete, and stop the process, then on task bar, click on the usb device and remove it, before unplugging the device. That is the safe way to do things.


alright mate how you doing?
cheers 4 that then.
Its passed ontracks diag test fine.


Glad to hear that it checks out ok… Don’t do that anymore!!!