Drive problem maybe?

I have Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance on PC DVD ROM (original)

Drive : Liteon 812S with USOQ f/w

When installing the game, it will get so far then produce the following error message.

I have tried the following.

*Flashing to the 832S with the same results

*Flashing back to 812S with unscrambled US0N, then flashing with Liteons stock US0N f/w with the same results

*Uninstalling possible software that may or may not conflict with the installation such as Alcohol 120 % - AnyDVD - CloneDVD - CloneCD

Now this is what is really odd. The drive appears to be fine, as I can watch films, burn to DVDs etc, I can even install my UT2004 dvd.

So the MGS2 disc is scratched or faulty right ? Wrong. I have another computer connected to this via a router, and I installed it using that workstations DVD drive onto THIS computer.

Has anyone had a similar problem, with maybe a fix :confused:



I just tried installing UT2004, and it I thought it would install fine, but it didnt. It gave me a very similar message, saying check your media for dust and scratches. The disc looks fine to me thou :frowning:

I formatted in the end.

UT2004 installed fine, so I assume that was some kind of old software conflict. Anyone have any ideas regarding the first post ?

Well I have decided to RMA the drive.

Has anyone RMA’d anything to Liteon, and how long did it take to replace ?

Anyone… Anyone at all…

I´m very interested to hear on what reason (basis) you are gona RMA your drive.

BTW, have a look here and at the links provided.


The reason I have decided to RMA it was stated above.

I dont really see what that link has to do with me not being able to install the game. The link also looks like it refers the the playstation version, when I am using the PC DVD ROM of the game.

Why would you RMA the drive if you fixed your problem and the problemw as unrelated to the drive?

It’s not fixed. I cant install MGS with the 812S, yet it installs just fine on another drive onto this computer.

Is there anyway I can test this drive ? As tommorow is my only free day to take the drive back should I really need to.