Drive playing up, dodgy burns, help anyone?

Own a BenQ 1640 and recently been having issues when burning media; keep getting PI failure spikes and massive build up of PI failures need the end of the disc’s anyone got any ideas why its playing up? Have tryed the following:

  1. Update the firmware
  2. Tried different burners
  3. Using ht ebest media (Verbatim & TY - Genuine)
  4. Buring at 8x (all my media is rated 16x)
  5. Enabling/Disabling anything i can find in QSuite

Run out of ideas so anyone got any or is it time to buy myself a LG or NEC Drive?

What scanning speed are you using in CD/DVD speed. It should be 8x as 12 and 16x can produce rising PIF and PIE error’s on poorer discs using the DW1620/40/50/55.

Leave WOPC enabled and try resetting to defaults for Solidburn (Off for know & on for unknown).

PIF spikes are usually caused by dust or dirt on the disc prior to burning / during reading. I have a batch of Verb discs that have a PIE spike in them but thats because of the disc and there is nothing I can do about it.