Drive or Media?

Just had a shock :eek:

I was using the BenQ OEM (flashed to TDB B7G9 region free) when it started playing up. It had been buring and scanning well (FUJIFILM03 -R discs) but when I tried a Datasafe MCC003 it had a bit of a fit.

First, Qscan told me the two discs I tried were not good at 12x or 8x, then Nero stuck at 16%, LED flashed red; on the next disc Nero failed before it had even finished writing the lead in - “Fixation Error”, then the drive started making a clacking noise whenever a blank DVD was inserted.

Restarted twice and everything is OK. tried another two Datasafe MCC003 discs and everything seems fine. Scanned the discs and I’ve got the best burns I’ve ever had.

Weird. I’m putting it down to bad media.

Is this wishful thinking…?


Since everything is okay now, I think bad media is a logical conclusion. :iagree:

I had a bad-flash firmware inspired shock identical to yours. But, my 1620 kept up with the bad behavior until I re-flashed the firmware.