Drive not working

Hello, new here because I wanted to ask a question. Well, about a year ago or so I bought a dvd drive through Dell (because that’s how they want it) And I just decided to try and install it myself because having someone put it in would obviously cost more. I didn’t succeed and since I was and still am busy, I gave up on trying to install it. Now a year later I still have a dvd drive stuck into my computer that doesn’t function. It’s kinda annoying. It can open and close but it does not recognize any CD at all. Not one. I connected power to it and I connected the thin wire plug thing to it as well. I’m not sure exactly what it is called because I am inexperienced with the inner parts of the computer. I know many general items in it but still not too sure…I have Everest and it tells me my third physical drive is Unknown (Code: $DB) under the Partition Type. I really don’t know what to do and I’m not sure of what other information you’d like me to provide so I guess that’s it for now. Thanks.

double check to make sure all the cables are seated properly (ide and power). also make sure that the drive is set to master, if there arent any other drives connected to the ide cable or the other drive is set to slave. otherwise set it to slave by changing the jumper cables on the back of the drive

Did the battery in your car die :bigsmile: I think you meant jumper, or maybe they are called jumper cables down under? :slight_smile:

Haha, well yes I think I’ve seen about changing the slave/master drive in a manual somewhere… But it didn’t explain how to do so very easily. How do you change the drive to slave/master? (in this case though, slave) Thanks I think that might be what it is.

There’s usually a sticker on the drive itself describing which pins (where the ide and power connect to) are used for master/slave. It could also be written above the pins (SL/MA).

Yes, I didn’t understand my newer DVD drive because it just said things such as CS MD and SD or something like that. I looked at my original CD-ROM drive and it had been set to Cable Select not Master Drive. So I decided to just set the other one to the same because I really didn’t know if the slave drive would work if I had the original on Cable select instead of Master. I got it working anyway thanks for the help.