Drive Not Supported error while trying to flash new 1620

Hi All,

Just took the leap and replaced my old Pioneer A03 with a Benq 1620 that I bought from computergeeks. Can anyone take a look at the image below to let me know what my problem is? I’m trying to flash it with the latest firmware B7T9.

Windows XP SP2

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You are trying to flash a retail B firmware in an OEM G- firmware drive. If you want to use the B-firmware you’ll have to crosflash.

You can only use “G” firmwares or you have to crossflash to “B” firmware to use B7T9.

Ah, apologies for being the n00b here… With what you guys said, is the OEM drive not up to the quality of the retail drive? I’m not sure I wanted this drive, as I was under the impression I was getting a retail drive. If not, can someone point me to the OEM firmware?

Down at the bottom of the page > You can cross flash it to Retail if you want to. Everything you need is on that page. There’s nothing wrong with the OEM drive with G7P9 f/w.

McCrank, the oem or retail drives are the same, only difference is that the retail firmware is released earlier as the oem firmware. I would advise to download B7P9 firmware from here. And to use WinDWFlash tool from here.

Flash B7P9 firmware, so your drive becomes a retail version.
After flashing flash the drive with B7T9 firmware from here . This is the original firmware, no need to use WinDWFlash tool.

But when you don’t want to use the retail firmware (crossflashing voids the warranty) you can stick with the oem (G) firmware form here.

Thanks everyone for your quick supplies, I got it flashed up to B7T9 firmware. This drive is pretty damn sweet so far :)!

What media are you using?, show us a scan if you have spare time.

Yeah, please post some scans when you have a chance. I’m glad to hear that you like your drive so far. :slight_smile: