Drive not recognizing DVD

im trying to make a backup of a movie but for some reason my drive wont even recognize the DVD. Anyone know why?

What is the type of the drive?
What software do you use?

the drive is a Sony DRU 510A and I’m using Shrink

The program shouldnt have anything to do with it b/c the drive just doesnt recognize the DVD.

Are there updates to the drive that i should be installing?

Well, some software has to do with the drive. But you can try to visit the forums that deal with recorders and firmware.

You can get the latest updates for your drive here:

Try updating you IDE drivers. Those will be available from the PC or Motherboard manufacturer. Or you can use Windows Update in Device Manager. Is it not recognizing the original or the blank? If its the blank try a different brand of disc. Another option would be to stick the drive in another PC, if it does the same, the drive may be broken. What software are you using to backup? Have you tried DVD Shrink? Its free and very easy to use? Hope this helps.