Drive not recognized

I went to the Dell site since I bought my computer from them and wanted to see if I could fix a read problem with my CD-RW / DVD combo drive. I had a read issue where cds would be recognized and burned but DVDs would just keep spinning. Anyways, I downloaded the new firmware from the site, copied it to floppy and booted my computer with it. At about 34% there was a bad data error. Now my drive isn’t even seen by Windows. Luckily I have another drive that I was able to bring back since it was plug and play but I can’t get my old one to work since I misplaced my XP cd key. I have an old working harddrive with all of the same programs and configuration. Is there any way to copy the firmware files from that haddrive to my new one?

I’m very confused. Maybe you could clarify. You kind of blurred the lines between your hard drive and your Combo drive. What does your hard drive have to do with anything anyways?