Drive not recognized



Hi, I’m running the latest, registered versions of clonedvd and anydvd.

According to the task manager, I can`t see any other programs that might be conflicting.

I have 3 dvd drives; two internal (one read-write, one read-only) and an external (read-write).

Windows recognizes the external drive, shows its contents, and will play it, but Anydvd claims the drive is empty.

Clonedvd refuses to open the disk on the external drive. On the external drive I keep getting the copyright protection window - even though Anydvd is running. On the internal rw if I try to access the drive a second time, it finally works, but on the external rw I can`t get past the copyright protection screen.

I tried turning off Anydvd for the internal dvd-r drive to see if that would help, but it didn’t.

Finally, Magic DVD Ripper, which I sometimes use to split big dvd-9s onto two dvd-5s (Slysoft: Hint hint!), recognizes all the drives and allows me to load from any of them.

Any ideas?

BTW I have the same problem on a laptop.


Do you’ve safemode enabled?


hint, hint? What are you hinting at?


Maybe a seperate splitting function on the first screen :confused:


rapidfire and others, thanks for your incredibly prompt reply.
i found that rebooting solved the problem - for now. ill keep my fingers crossed. and i have enabled safe mode, just in case. [B]hint hint[/B][I] wink wink[/I] [U]nudge nudge[/U] [B]say no more say no more[/B] i LOVE my clonedvd, and it irks me to no end every time i have to boot up another program so i can back up a large dvd9 on 2 dvd5s, if i care about the original film and dont want to compress the hell out of it.
so i`m hoping that for anyone smart enough to produce as wonderful coding as clonedvd incorporating a “split over 2 dvd5s” function should be a walk in the park.
thanks again - kudos to all - glad to have found my way here!


CloneDVD2 does split discs - look in the help file - explains how to do it! Plus it is very clever and will keep the menus on both split discs!


You can use CloneDVD to split onto two DVD5s using the cutting function. Read the help file, it’s in there. You can search on here as there’s a few threads regarding it also.

Worked great for me with Lord of the Rings. The hard part is choosing the best place to split it up (aesthetically speaking).