Drive not recognized by burning software

Hello All! I hope I’ve landed at a site that can help me with my problem… I have a Dell 2350 and recently had to replace the cd/dvd drive. I purchased a Toshiba cd/dvdw sd-r5372 from Tiger Direct and my oldest son installed it in place of the previous drive. Windows Explorer and “My Computer” both recognize the drive and displays the contents of a cd if loaded. But Roxio, Nero and Windows Media player will not recognize the drive to burn a cd. It just sits asking me to load a blank cd. I put one in and nothing happens. Hopefully, the answer isn’t too technical… More than likely it’s some stupid thing I failed find myself. Thanks for your help!

this is odd. things to try - make certain that jumper caps at rear of drive are correct with respect to master/slave connection. go to toshiba website and look for firmware update. try another brand of cd or dvd disc.

A couple other easy things to try to sort this out:

  1. Go into Device Manager and remove the burner (uninstall) and reboot to see if it will then be recognized by your software. (XP should recognize it and tell you new hardware was installed and then reload the drivers for it when you reboot, so give it a minute or two at first to accomplish those tasks.)


  1. Go into Nero’s Toolkit and select the “Info Tool”. It will give you a detailed profile of your computer and what it sees as the burner you installed and its specs. That will tell you if it actually recognizes the drive as a burner.


  1. You didn’t say which versions of the programs you were running, but with Roxio ver. 5 there was a conflict with Nero. I solved it by removing Roxio from the computer until they updated the program, but this was a couple of years ago. Don’t know if it applies to your situation.

Good luck.