Drive not recognized after FlAsh!



hello people,
I flashed my bsos drive to the sony byx2 in hopes of supporting auto bitsetting using the omnipatcher! I burned two discs and none of them set to dvd-rom, i tried using the litons booktype tool and that didnt save my settints to the drive either… so, i flashed back to bsos and now the booktype tool even fails to recognize the drive!!! it says “drive recognized but not supported by the application” i dont know what to do?? please help me…


ok guys, i finally flashed my 1633s to bsoh with autobitsetting enabled in omnipatcher its working fine…i dont know why but there seems to be a problem with new firmwarers and omnipatcher autobitsetting feature?!


no,there’s no problem. with the newer firmwares you can set the booktype with the official lite-on bootkype utility. the seeting will be saved to eeprom, until you change it.


hello again,
this is what it says no matter what firmware i flash to my drive!! The only thing that works for me is the autobitsetting done by omnipatcher using the bsoh firmware…
i get this error every time i use the booktype utility! what should i do? should i clearn to eeprom?


This is taking a shot in the dark, My brother has an AMD Nforce 3 chipset that for some reason wont work with Smart burn or Booktype. We messed around for a couple of weeks and finally gave up on it. The Lite On still burns fine, and you could probably use Nero to set your book type


Freakin A! I got a nforce 2 chipset…im flashing it back to freakin bsoh with autobitsetting. Ill wait until codeking comes out with ledfix for the bsoh firmware…anyways bsoh is workin fine for the media i use…anyways,thanks for replying


No prob


If your using XP try removing ASPI by using ForceASPI17 killaspi here. I’ve had reports that the NForce problem is due to a conflict with the ASPI driver and it is not required with XP, as it has SPTI built in. :wink:


Thanks I will pass this on to my Bro