Drive not recognised after crash

Hi there…this is my first post and I’m l;ooking for some help…

I hava Samsung SW-252F (52 x 52 x 32) CD - Rewriter (running under Windows XP)…and

Whilst using Windows Media Player to copy files (MP3) to a CD-R (as MP3)…
the screen froze. The PC was re-booted and since then the CD drive does not work.

The CD drive is visible within “My Computer” as drive D:
When you load a CD into the D: drive, the lights on the front of the drive flash as if its trying to read the CD but the contents are not seen by “My Computer”
I have gone into System Properties, Hardware, Device Manager and uninstalled the CD drive.
Upon re-booting, Windows XP detected the new hardware…but it still does not work.

I have even tried the “Troubleshooting” option…

Any suggestions (sensible preferably) ?

Sounds like a bad drive. Try it in a different Computer if possible. Also could be the IDE cable to the drive.

It could be that the laser diode has failed and the only remedy for that is a new drive.
To make sure try it in a friends drive to confirm.
Best of luck.

This happened recently to a friend of mine…the drive itself was fine, but the rubber oring that acted as a drive belt broke…rendering the drive useless. Best Buy overcharged them for a “compatible drive” when they had a shelf full of benq’s.