Drive not reading discs

Hello Everyone,

I followed the FAQ of trying of the optical drive not reading my disc and had no luck. So basically I bought a new pack of verbatim DL dvds today to do some backups. When I got home I tried to do some backups and my computer wouldn’t recognize the discs when I popped them in. I checked the disc on my laptop and it recognized it but not on my desktop. Now I updated my firmware right now and it still was a no go.

I did a full disc check on my computer and it still was a no go.

I also used Microsoft’s Fix It wizard and it gave me this message:

The disc in Drive D is not detected or supported.

The drive might be experiencing a problem. The device status is ok. Windows will keep checking for possible problems when using optical disc drives to play or burn CDs, DVDs, or BDs.

Now the model I have is a LITEON LH-20A1P-185 - OEM

I need some help please guys!



Have you ever burned anything successfully with this drive? If so, have you made any software/hardware changes recently? Does the drive read any commercial disks, CD/DVD? What burning program do you use? Which OS? Have you tried uninstalling the drive in Device Manager and reboot, letting Windows reinstall the drive?