Drive not reading/burning anything

My DVD-RW 16X HP DVD Writer 640b which came in my HP Media Center m1297c Desktop PC is not working anymore. It won’t read or write anything but very seldomly it does recognize whether or not there’s a DVD or CD in it but won’t show anything on them. I have tried all kinds of media such as burned DVD’s, burned CD’s, original DVD’s and CD’s etc. It doesn’t read anything. I had this same problem a few months ago and i just restored my system to the last known working day through system restore and it worked fine. This time around, system restore couldn’t restore to any of my old dates so I decided to recover windows since i thought that it could be because theres something wrong with the drivers (I can’t find the drivers for this thing either, just a firmware upgrade which doesn’t work because it require the drive to read a cd) and it still doesn’t work. When I put a CD/DVD in the driver, the light flashes a bit but nothing really happens. Theres very minimal noise and it doesn’t seem it’s really doing much but the light is flashing.
I’m running Win XP Media Center Edition SP2
Also, I think Alcohol 120% might have something to do with this. I don’t know if i remember right or wrong but I think both times i had temporarily installed Alcohol 120% before it crapped out on me so there might be something there.
Any ideas as to what’s going on? Is this thing useless now or can i save it?

Thanks in advance for the help

absolutely no ideas or suggestions?? can someone please help me out a little?