Drive not allowed?



I’m using NeroSDK (NeroAPIv6.3.0.0) with my application. On the computer I’m using for testing this application, I had previously a Nero Express v5.5.10.53 installed and everything was ok. Then I’ve just installed the version of Nero on the same computer and now have always “Drive not allowed” error. I’m trying to understand what does it means and why this error occurs.

Thank for your suggestions


You are trying to burn to a drive which is not allowed to be burned on. The reason for this is most probably a license problem. Eventually, your Nero 6 version is an OEM version that came with another recorder and this will then allow burning only with this special recorder.
You can check beforehand if a drive is allowed or not by checking if the flag NSDI_ALLOWED is set in the corresponding NERO_SCSI_DEVICE_INFO::nsdiCapabilities variable.


You’re right I’ve installed an OEM version of Nero, so burning is not allowed with the recorder of my test computer.
Thanks for your suggestion.