Drive names



Here,s a problem that has been bugging me for a few weeks tried various things regedit etc but i cant get anything to work as yet…
What im trying to do is name my drives in my computer (ie i have 2 dvd writers and a dvd-rom a liteon cd-rw and some virtual drives ) I sometimes swap them about for testing and i always get mixed up with the letters.
I dont need to replace the letters just add maybe nec to nec drive and liteon to liteon drive etc etc
I know theres a way because i have tried 2 but got error on one and could not find string in other
Im using xp pro sp2
cant remember the exact method i already tried as i had to format and forgot to save …


First hit on google gave me this, some report success with it:


Thanks xtacydima thats the one i tried but had no success with…
Unless anyone knows of any other ways…



Thanks i will try it when i get the time ckin2001 also i think i was looking for a key when i maybe should have been creating one (looks like it in the link ckin2001 posted anyway) so maybe xtacydima,s link will work also…