Drive Letters WINXP LITEON

I flashed my Liteon 48125W to VS08 and since that the drive letters for my DVD and Liteon have swapped on is there any way under windows XP to assign drive letters to a certain drive like you could in windows 98?

Right click My computer->Manage->Disk management

There you can fiddle with your drive letters :slight_smile:

Thanks that was really helpful i didnt know about this feature before.

Neither did I until I found that weird option in the pulldown menu… A shame they hidd away such a powerful tool there :slight_smile:

its not really hidden as such, but it is in administrator tools… and offcourse u can only turn them on by right clickin taskbar and selecting propertiers… start menu tab and customize classic start menu and u can tick it to show…
then in Start > Programs > Administartive Tools select Computer Management

I think the reason its in there is cos that kinda stuff can screw around with things… And offcourse changing drive letters and stuff like that can cause some games and installers from cd’s to stop working…

I think you’ll find your problem occured because your old CD-drive was still present at the time it ‘installed’ the new Lite-on drive… then it removed the old 1… leaving behind the new firmware version with the new drive letter

I noticed it’s also harder to removed ghosted entries from the device manager in XP. Simply booting into safe mode and using the show hidden devices option doesn’t cut it. Anyone remember the command that had to be issued from the run prompt to make the ghosted entries visible?