Drive letter access when using dvd-ram

Hi, thanks to read. Not shure for this one if i’m posting at the right place but here it goes: Under Win98SE, i have a batch file used via task scheduler to automate my incremental backup process. Each day, when the batch file is invoked wich then activates Rar.exe, the later scans for newly created files or modified ones. They are then archived in a RAR archive and thereafter, it is transfered to an InCD formatted disk that is always ready in a CD-RW drive. With the new machine i want to build, i wish to have (under WinXP Pro) a similar backup routine but with a dvd-ram based solution, using XP’s dvd-ram support (or maybe the hacked Panasonic dvd-ram driver).

To go to the point, anyone here can confirm that the drive letter corresponding to the dvd-ram disk will be accessible by the batch file the same way it is now via InCD?

Certainly can’t see why not. It’s just a drive like any other drive.

Thanks Tim. Will update the thread as soon as i have tried…