Drive keeps ejecting

hey. i am having a problem with my cd-rom. When ever the computer is on, it ejects itself. i push the button to close it, stays close for 10 - 20 seconds, then ejects again. This has been happening for some time, but usually it closes after a few tries. however, it does not stay closed any more. i most have tried closing it 30 times, restarted the computer 5 times, done everything i can think of to try to fix it. thnx for any info.

IO Magic 52x cd-rom
56 mb ram
windows 98 se
pentium 200

This happens when you are online, or when you are offline too?

This could be a trojan (subseven) and someone is playing with you. If it happens to you when you are offline too, then I have no clue…

It happens on and offline, all the time. i have nortan antivirus 2002 with all virus updates. it says my systems clean so it can’t be a trojan.

Disconnect the flatcable from the cdrom and power up the system (go to the bios setup or set it to pause or something , do NOT boot up the operating system)

Now check if your cd-rom player is still doing the same thing. If it is , it’s defenitely a hardware problem and not an operating system problem.

If the problem “suddenly dissapears now” then power off , reconnect the flat cable and boot your operating system in the lowest possible configuration (windows safe mode for instance).

now check again if there’s a problem with the eject tingy.

if there still isn’t , its a bad driver or something and you could trace back steps on installing drivers/programs/updates/whatever.

Standard anti-virus packages can’t usually detect trojans. Use a trojan remover to check your system, esp vxd files.

Try System Mechanic and disable all programs that do not need to be started at boot time.