Drive 'issues'?


First post here (be gentle) :slight_smile:

Since updating the firmware to BCIC have been having ‘problems’ with DVD±RWs, DVD±Rs, CD-Rs & Nero/etc.

First off any DVD±RW I burn with Nero is set to DVD-ROM, consequently Nero can’t erase it or add files if Multi-session. Have to use either Alcohol 120% or DVD Decrypter to erase!

Second & really p*off, always finalizes/closes session for both DVD±R & CD-R even when I select ‘don’t’ :a Problem in all the burning programs that i use.

Third issue is with InCD. Format a DVD±RW, eject & reload it reverts to DVD-ROM :confused:

Decided to get Nero 7 to see if ‘problem’ went away but no luck :sad:


You have probaly bitseting enabled for dvd+rw to dvd-rom.

Download QSuite 2.1 and check bitsetting back to dvd+rw.


Thanks but I’d already done that.

Also, most of my media is DVD-RW. Or is it the same setting for all?

Try to format with ImageBurn.

dvd-rw can’t be booktyped to dvd-rom.


Same disc on my brothers NEC ND2510A:

What’s still p*-off is, on my drive (BenQ DW1650) unclosed DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-R & or CD-RW are appearing as closed/finalized, i.e. NO available space!

Could the drive be spoilt?

Anyway, will try going back to BCDC firmware to see if that sorts above out :sad:

You must gave some software installed that interfere with the recognition of burned disc.

The disc is recognized properly in your brothers PC.

Do you have software installed that hide the media code and the disc always show as cd-rom or dvd-rom.


[/li][li]Alcohol 120%
[/li][li]DVD Decrypter
[/li][li]ImgBurn (us suggested by you, but not yet run/used-it)
[/li][/ul]Also just uninstalled BenQ QSuite.

Alcohol probably have Ignore Media Type enabled.


That solved it!

Thank you (everyone) :clap: