Drive is not reading ANY discs. (TEAC DV-W50E) Please Help



Please help me.

My TEAC DV-W50E DVD-R/RW drive has been working perfectly for 1.5 years now, and suddenly it stopped working. I tried with several different media (CD and DVD) and none of them seems to work.
Of course, I double checked the connections. Both the BIOS and Windows detect perfectly the drive. Windows acts as if everything was fine, and the drive had no disc inside.

Later, I realized that the discs never get to spin inside the drive. (There is no sound at all from the drive, and they come out in the same position as the came in)

I think that either the drive is not detecting properly the presence of media, or the spinning motor is not working.

Do you have any suggestions? I do not know what to do now. :confused:
Any help will be appreciated. :bow:



Doesn’t sound good, maybe the motor is dead.