Drive Installation Questions

I was doing some thinking, and I think the way I have my CDRW Drive installed in my computer, it may be causing some problems. I currently have everything hooked up on one IDE Cable (HD, CD-ROM, CDRW, Zip Drive) I assume it would be a good idea to split these up, but my question is how? I currently have trouble copying directly from my CDROM to my CDRW on the fly, and I thnk this is the problem. (Correct me if I am wrong). Would it be best to put the CDRW on it’s own Cable, or what? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

Oh yeah, I don’t think it matters, but I am running Win2K Pro.

4 devices on 1 IDE cable??

Where did I lose track of latest developments that this has become a possibility :confused:

But it is generally recommended to have the CD-ROM and the CD-R(W) on different IDE controllers (but it is not mandatory)

So are you saying that I should have the CDROM on the same cable as the Hard Drive and the CDR(W) on a different one? What is the best setup?

yeah these are the best hardware setup

Let me clear some things for you… I think you have an IDE based system and you should therefore have two connections on your motherboard where two flatcables can be attached. One is called IDE1 and the second one is called IDE2. Both IDE cables can have a maximum of two devices attached (at least to my knowledge ;)). One will be the master and one will be setup as the slave. Setting a device to the master or slave position is done via jumpers (small plastic/metal caps on the back of the drive). Most burn programs like Nero will refuse to write anything on-the-fly when the writer and source cd-rom are on the same IDE cable. This is the recommended setup for an IDE based system:

[ul][li]IDE1 MASTER: harddisk (a harddisk with the OS is always master on the first IDE cable)
[/li][li]IDE2: MASTER: CD-recorder
[/li][li]IDE2: SLAVE: extra device[/ul]Of course like Da_Taxman said this isn’t mandatory.
The only thing I don’t get is you saying you have four devices on one cable?? To my knowledge this isn’t possible. Maybe you do have them on two cables but both the writer and cd-rom on the second IDE cable? Please make sure when you change your setup to also check your jumper settings!