Drive Image




I would like to know what is the difference between this:
“PowerQuest® Drive Image® Version 5.0” and System Restore of Windows XP?
Is it worth buying this?


You should also check out Norton Ghost…

And I do believe that either of them beats System Restore anyday


I don’t know if version 5 supports Windows XP…it has been succeeded by two versions already
PowerQuest DriveImage 2002 (v6.0)
PowerQuest DriveImage v7.0

As Da_Taxman said, Ghost is a great option. I use Ghost 2003 because all I need is a floppy disk to backup/restore images and that’s the way I like it. I’ve heard that Acronis TrueImage 6.0 is also a good alternative, but I haven’t really tested it out.


i love true image …by arconis if i remember right and nortons ghost … both are really good … i use them al lthe time and they both work in windows xp …

also …

drive image 2002 works in windows xp …


drive image can be used with just the floppies as well !, all these progs are pretty good , i consider one of them as " a must have", for backing up your primary partition. :slight_smile:


Ghost has some limitations that D.I does not, particularly in comparison to D.I. 7. Ghost has been known to have trouble with RAID arrays, D.I mostly plays nice with them.
System Restore isn’t really worth discussing. There’s no substitute for having your critical partition(s) imaged to another HD and/or CDR’s for emergencies. With the D.I. Image Exporer utility, you can pick files out of the image and copy them anywhere you like. I believe that Ghost has the same type of utility.
I can’t even begin to count the amount of time and grief that D.I has saved me.


yes ghost has same utility … ghost explorer you can pick threw images …and yes ghost is bad on raid drives …found out hard way …never tired drive image going ot try that …ghost and true image helps me …saves me big time on friends drives …


DriveImage “supports” all RAID types in theory, but I’ve encountered some weird errors when imaging from one RAID controller to another. As long as I’m not changing hardware it’s fine.


Apparently DriveImage 7 and TrueImage 6 can allow the user to backup/image within Windows. In this way, you do not need to re-boot to DOS to image your files/disks.