Drive Image problem

As always, Powerquest support is no help, wondering if anyone here has encountered this.
I just built a system and did fresh install of Win2K, all on NTFS. For some reason on this system, D.I. will only create image files with “system” permissions. This makes the image useless, you can’t even copy or move or delete it until you add user or “everyone” permissions. I have set the appropriate permissions on the partition, and set it to propogate to all child objects, tried different versions of DriveImage, even tried it in DR-DOS, always the same. Once I add the user permissions, the image seems fine, can verify it and do all the usual stuff.
This may well be something to do with the Windows install, but I can’t find anything wrong. None of my other win2000 systems have ever done this. I even tried installing D.I. for the user only, and for all users, no difference.