Drive icons aren't correct

Hi all!

As you can see, I’m a newbie to this forum. That’s why this thread is in this section

Anyway, well all use virtual drives, I use Alcohol 120%
I need some help about the icons (file.ico) which are supposed to appear while the image is mounted.
Problem is that the right icon doesn’t appear, what appears is the icon of the last mounted image, and so on.

Here’s a pic explains a little

I use Win XP SP3 with all updates installed, I don’t have any kind of problems with images or drivers, except for this one

Have you turned off Auto-Insert notification & Autorun for your Optical Drives?
This will prevent windows from loading anything from the discs, including you icons :wink:

sorry for being late :slight_smile:
no, autorun and auto-insert are all on for the optical drives
I think it’s not a problem of autorun or stuff, but it’s a problem of caching icons
because it always shows the previous cached icon instead of the one cached now