Drive having problems reading disks



i have a lite on iHAS 124 y drive that wants to lock up my comp whenever it tries to read a disk. this is rather annoying. i took the drive to someone elses comp that was running win 7 just like me and it works fine on their system. i have ran win repair, updated my bios, and updated the firmware on my drive to BLOX and it still does the same thing.


nevermind, i purchased an ide drive instead of using the sata drive since no one wants to respond to my question on this site.


Sorry no one answered you question JenessaGray, but sometimes those of us who read the question simply don’t have an definitive answer for your problem.

I would probably have sent you on a search for new sata drivers for the controller on your motherboard…which may or may not have solved the problem with your original sata interface drive.